The Pennington Law Difference

Choosing the right attorney is important; you need to be confident in your representation and be comfortable communicating with your attorney to feel that you gave your case the best potential outcome. Whitney Pennington is currently accepting new clients, and here are some reasons to consider consulting with her to be your legal representation.


As you search for an attorney for your legal matter, the amount of choices available may be overwhelming. The first consideration for many clients is experience.

Whitney Pennington graduated from law school in 2012. In early 2013 she passed the Virginia bar exam and she has been practicing law ever since. She has been actively practicing ever since graduating, to include family law cases such as divorce and custody matters, real property cases, estate planning, traffic infraction cases, and as a magistrate. This assortment of experience as a magistrate and as a private attorney has given her a unique insight to both sides of cases and filled her practice arsenal with practical wisdom that she utilizes in every case.

In 2022, she made the decision to open her own law firm to serve her community by fulfilling a niche in the family law area that she sought to offer her clients. Whitney hopes to serve you in with her firm.

The Pennington Law Difference

Many attorneys have experience, but what sets Whitney Pennington apart from them?

Honest and Ethical Practicing

Whitney always conducts herself in an honest and ethical manner, whether it be in the Court room, in general practicing, when billing clients, and respecting client needs and confidentiality. She keeps the client’s best interests her priority throughout the case and does not make decisions solely based on potential profit.

Settlement Skills

Whitney understands that settlement can be a win in certain circumstances, and is generally less stressful and less expensive for clients. She will pursue settlement as long as necessary and appropriate if the circumstances of the case warrant it, and she will advise her clients if litigation would be a wise next step.

Litigation Skills

Whitney Pennington is a strong litigator. She has trial preparation down to a science; in her ten years of experience she has learned litigation strong strategies, how to best present the facts of a case in front of a Judge, what needs to be prepared and when, and how to prepare clients and witnesses to testify.

Personalized Approach

Whitney does not approach her cases with a one size fits all approach. She sees each of her clients as individuals and works each individual case according to that specific client’s needs. She strives to be approachable when clients have questions, realistic and honest when they want to understand potential outcomes. Due to this unconventional approach, her clients often feel like they are her only client. This approach also helps clients get through the stress that comes with divorce, custody or support matters.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Whitney Pennington will stand unwaveringly for her client’s best interests every divorce, custody or support matter that she takes on. To schedule a consultation to discuss your legal matter, contact her today at (571) 481-9977. She is available to discuss your legal matters whenever you are ready.

Whitney Pennington

I grew up in Southwest Virginia. I decided to become an attorney to help serve this area and its people. My passion has always been family law. I enjoy helping clients through difficult times and guiding them through their trials with individualized attention.

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Customer Reviews

Natasha H.
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"Whitney was absolutely INCREDIBLE!! She listens to her clients and she fights with everything she has for them. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her. She was truly a blessing in my case. I will be using her for any of my other legal needs. If your looking for somebody who will go in with guns blazing Whitney is definitely the lawyer you need!!"
Payton A.
Read More
"Whitney is very professional and very informative. She has helped us tremendously and guided us through the law process that we have to go through for our case. She is experienced and works hard for her clients. It’s always nice to have someone that is willing to help you and your family in anyway she can."
Sammy L.
Read More
"Mrs. Pennington was attentive to my needs and her work was exemplary. I will definitely use her again when I have any legal needs. Thank you so much for listening to me and being understanding as well as a great advocate."
Bobby and Vicki F.
Read More
"If you are in this area and need an attorney I would highly recommend Whitney Pennington. She did some estate for us and she was a real trooper and got it done for us. We really appreciated all she did for us and I’m sure she will take good care of you."
Amelia L.
Read More
"Pennington Law Firm helped our family with legal paperwork for our small business. Whitney was very thorough and took the time to make sure we had everything completed as a new business in VA. Definitely would recommend her for all legality needs!"
Ashley T.
Read More
"Whitney is knowledgeable, understanding, experienced, and helpful. She is always quick to respond and was helpful through everything. She’s aggressive and firm in cases when needed. I highly recommend her!"