Why You Want Whitney Pennington As Your Attorney, From The Perspective Of Her Former Paralegal

Hiring an attorney is an investment, and as such, you want to have confidence in who is representing you.

My name is Lindsay. I worked as Whitney’s paralegal for about four years. At that time, I was impressed by her professionally and personally. Here is why if I needed an attorney, I would want to hire her:

Dedication and Management

Whitney is one of the most dedicated attorneys I have ever seen in action. She takes on her cases with total dedication to fighting for her client’s best interests. You will never feel like a file in a pile on her desk; she manages her caseload in a style that makes every client feel like her only client and a priority.

Unpretentious and Affable

It is easy to talk to Whitney about the details of your legal matter; she does not talk down to clients and she explains the application of the law to your case in a way that makes sense.


Whitney is a tenacious advocate for her clients. She knows what to argue for based on what is equitable under the law, or what will help you reach a settlement while still setting you up to stand on your own on the other side of your legal matter.

Realistic and Fair

Whitney’s approach to every case is realistic and fair. No matter the circumstances, she is able to view each case for the facts that will apply to the dissolution of the marriage under Virginia law.

Organization and Preparation for Trial

Whitney’s trial preparation methods are nothing but on point. She organizes everything in an effective and efficient manner to support arguing your case in Court. When she prepares for trial, she does not lay all the preparations on her paralegal’s plate; they work together, making her familiar with every aspect of your trial files and exhibits.


Whitney Pennington is an excellent advocate for her clients. If I were being divorced, she would be my choice of legal counsel. Contact her today at (571) 481-9977 to see her skills for yourself.

Whitney Pennington

I grew up in Southwest Virginia. I decided to become an attorney to help serve this area and its people. My passion has always been family law. I enjoy helping clients through difficult times and guiding them through their trials with individualized attention.

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Customer Reviews

Natasha H.
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"Whitney was absolutely INCREDIBLE!! She listens to her clients and she fights with everything she has for them. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her. She was truly a blessing in my case. I will be using her for any of my other legal needs. If your looking for somebody who will go in with guns blazing Whitney is definitely the lawyer you need!!"
Payton A.
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"Whitney is very professional and very informative. She has helped us tremendously and guided us through the law process that we have to go through for our case. She is experienced and works hard for her clients. It’s always nice to have someone that is willing to help you and your family in anyway she can."
Sammy L.
Read More
"Mrs. Pennington was attentive to my needs and her work was exemplary. I will definitely use her again when I have any legal needs. Thank you so much for listening to me and being understanding as well as a great advocate."
Bobby and Vicki F.
Read More
"If you are in this area and need an attorney I would highly recommend Whitney Pennington. She did some estate for us and she was a real trooper and got it done for us. We really appreciated all she did for us and I’m sure she will take good care of you."
Amelia L.
Read More
"Pennington Law Firm helped our family with legal paperwork for our small business. Whitney was very thorough and took the time to make sure we had everything completed as a new business in VA. Definitely would recommend her for all legality needs!"
Ashley T.
Read More
"Whitney is knowledgeable, understanding, experienced, and helpful. She is always quick to respond and was helpful through everything. She’s aggressive and firm in cases when needed. I highly recommend her!"