Why Choose Whitney at Pennington Law Firm for Your Family Law and Estate Planning Needs

Meet Whitney, a dedicated attorney at the Pennington Law Firm, committed to guiding you through the complex world of family law and estate planning. With years of experience and a genuine passion for helping families, Whitney has established herself as a trusted legal partner for those navigating difficult times.

A Local Expert with a Passion for Family Law

Whitney is no stranger to the area, having graduated from Chilhowee in 2005 and obtained her bachelor’s from Virginia Intermont in 2009. After completing her law degree from Campbell School of Law in Raleigh, North Carolina, she has focused primarily on family law since 2012. This passion for custody, support, and seeing families through challenging times has led her to successfully litigate and negotiate hundreds, if not thousands, of cases.

From simple divorces to contentious ones involving significant assets and business evaluations, Whitney has the experience and skill set to provide the legal guidance you need. She understands the emotional challenges that come with family law cases and often wears multiple hats – from therapist and lawyer to friend.

A Listening Ear and an Honest Voice

Whitney prides herself on being an attorney who truly listens to her clients. Her honesty and directness ensure you always know where you stand in your case, what you can expect, and the risks involved when going before a judge. Her dedication to providing timely and attentive service means you can expect a response to your emails within 24 hours, even on the same day, except during holidays or vacations.

Guidance and Education in Estate Planning

In addition to her family law expertise, Whitney also excels in estate planning. She enjoys helping clients think through their assets, guardianship for younger children, and how to protect their wishes after they’re gone. Whitney also assists with medical and financial powers of attorney, ensuring that you have someone to make decisions on your behalf when needed. Her commitment to educating clients ensures that they leave her office understanding the nuances of their estate plan and feeling secure with their decisions.

Choose Whitney at Pennington Law Firm

If you’re looking for an honest, forthright attorney who will listen to your needs and prioritize your best interests, look no further than Whitney at Pennington Law Firm. To schedule a consultation, call (571) 481-9977 today. Whitney looks forward to meeting you and providing the legal support you deserve.

Whitney Pennington

I grew up in Southwest Virginia. I decided to become an attorney to help serve this area and its people. My passion has always been family law. I enjoy helping clients through difficult times and guiding them through their trials with individualized attention.

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Customer Reviews

Natasha H.
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"Whitney was absolutely INCREDIBLE!! She listens to her clients and she fights with everything she has for them. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her. She was truly a blessing in my case. I will be using her for any of my other legal needs. If your looking for somebody who will go in with guns blazing Whitney is definitely the lawyer you need!!"
Payton A.
Read More
"Whitney is very professional and very informative. She has helped us tremendously and guided us through the law process that we have to go through for our case. She is experienced and works hard for her clients. It’s always nice to have someone that is willing to help you and your family in anyway she can."
Sammy L.
Read More
"Mrs. Pennington was attentive to my needs and her work was exemplary. I will definitely use her again when I have any legal needs. Thank you so much for listening to me and being understanding as well as a great advocate."
Bobby and Vicki F.
Read More
"If you are in this area and need an attorney I would highly recommend Whitney Pennington. She did some estate for us and she was a real trooper and got it done for us. We really appreciated all she did for us and I’m sure she will take good care of you."
Amelia L.
Read More
"Pennington Law Firm helped our family with legal paperwork for our small business. Whitney was very thorough and took the time to make sure we had everything completed as a new business in VA. Definitely would recommend her for all legality needs!"
Ashley T.
Read More
"Whitney is knowledgeable, understanding, experienced, and helpful. She is always quick to respond and was helpful through everything. She’s aggressive and firm in cases when needed. I highly recommend her!"